The Iron Wolf Network

Welcome to the world's largest Minecraft Ultra Hardcore Server.

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Open PVP

Classic, constant PVP action in this UHC multi-biome themed arena! Complete with block building, breaking, and structure generation, you can test all kinds of PVP skills and practice your rapid movements with stat tracking and routine fun!

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Meetup Simulator

Practice your Ultra Hardcore skills in these teeth-gritting PVP practice servers! Use strategies in fully destructible and buildable arenas to be the last man alive! Enjoy realistic kits and map setups as your stats are tracked in a global database!

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Fight your friends or a random opponent in a one-on-one battle with only yourself to test! Enjoy fully destructible arenas, building blocks, and a wide variety of biomes to face off against your opponent! Play for fun and to try out new strategies of your own!

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